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Diamond Wedding Ring: An Eternal Gift for He

People exchange several gifts with their loved ones that seem attractive and useful but all of them have a lifespan. After a few months or years, the gift items perish or lose their attractiveness. Only two things that remain forever the same till the end are memories and diamonds. Diamond is an everlasting gift that you can present to your lover on the time of engagement or wedding. The shine of a true diamond never fades and nothing can be compared with its strength. You cannot find this kind of toughness and beauty combined in any other natural or artificially existing matter. Nowadays, numerous settings of wedding rings are available in the market that one can choose on the occasion of marriage.

Diamond Wedding Ring - An Eternal Gift for He

Four Cs That You Must Remember On the Time of Buying a Diamond Ring

1)    Cut

The cuts of a diamond define its shape as well as shining intensity. A well-shaped diamond with adequate cuts reflects maximum light that falls on it and comes in notice easily. The international grading system of diamond evaluates cuts in seven components which are brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, polish, durability and symmetry.

2)    Colour

Colour of a diamond plays a major role in deciding its price. White or transparent diamond is abundantly present as compared to colourful diamonds thus its price is also less. On the other hand, pink coloured diamond is found in highest scarcity.

3)    Carat

The weight of diamonds is calculated in carats which one of the smallest unit of weight measurement. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Jewellers precisely measure diamonds weight because it is among the most valuable things available on earth.

4)    Clarity

More clarity means more value; it is the simple principle of diamond’s evaluation. Every naturally existing diamond has some impurities that are called inclusion. Even after cutting and polishing, a few impurities left behind that affect its clarity. Less inclusion means more value and more inclusion means less value.

Popular Diamond Shapes That You Expect In a Jewellery Showroom

1)    Round Cut

2)    Princess Cut

3)    Cushion

4)    Emerald

5)    Marquise

6)    Pear

7)    Radiant

8)    Asscher

9)    Oval

From these nine options, round cut always remains high in demand because it can be used in multiple settings. Also, the round cut diamond reflects more light than other options.

Diamond Ring Settings For Ladies

Diamond Ring Settings for Ladies

1)    Prong Setting

Every lady love prong setting because of its beautiful clawed design that holds diamond in a popped out manner. The stone is securely captured in prongs that can be 3, 4 or 5 according to your wish. The crown of this ring setting is highlighted that allows the diamond to expose its maximum surface. When light falls on the stone, maximum area reflects back and wearer will come to notice in a crowd. Both gold and platinum are good options for this kind of ring setting. The only thing that you need to take care is its safety from snagging in clothes or scratching in hard surface.

2)    Halo Setting

Those who want grand appearance of their diamonds in parties can choose this setting. A cushion cut diamond is used on crown encircled by small grains. The combination of big and small diamonds gives it a grand look that everyone will notice. Halo wedding rings for him and her are easy when you visit a jewellery store because they always remain in trend. You can find numerous designs in this setting to choose as per the budget allowance and your soulmate’s wish.

3)    Trilogy Setting

Trilogy means three stones paved on crown which can be of same size or middle large followed by small from both sides. Small grains can also be fixed on both sides of band to give it more attractive look. Prongs are used in this setting to hold the stones. Pink diamond in middle and white on both sides is a great combination for trilogy setting.

Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond Ring Settings for Men

While searching for wedding rings, you will find that most of the options are meant for ladies. It is obvious because jewellery belongs to women. Still, there are some good options for men available that you can check below. Men are likely to do work with hands thus their rings may get damaged easily. Therefore, some logically designed models by Australian Diamond Company are mentioned below:-

1)      Bar Setting

This diamond ring setting is meant for those who want luxury with simplicity. Small grains are fixed in on entire band leaving the lower end of a few centimetres. Stones are securely fixed inside the ring and its shine is also very attractive. While placing an order for this ring, remember one thing that resizing is very difficult and costly.

2)    Flush Setting

Flush is the securest setting that you will find in any jewellery showroom. People also call it gipsy setting in which diamond is securely fixed by drilling inside metal band. Once the stone is fixed, jeweller hammers the metal to hold it tightly inside. Those who cannot take care of their valuables due to the excessive handwork can choose this setting. A sleek polished band with the practical design is ideal for active wearer men. Due to high safety concerns, stone is less visible so you have to compromise with shining factor.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Before you visit a jewellery store, keep one thing in mind that a simple looking ring has numerous factors to consider. It is important to gain some basic information about diamond rings so that you can understand what actually you are buying. Also, with complete knowledge, you can negotiate with value on the basis of characteristics of the diamond.

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