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Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Baby Shower Invitation Wording

If you are looking for baby shower invitation wording for friends – here are some great ideas! Shop Signatures also offer the best custom baby shower invitation designs in Phoenix

  1. “Our beloved little prince is on the way”
  2. “Come and help us rejoice our baby boy _____.”
  3. “Oh Boy! Here we go, come and help us shower ______.”
  4. “We are over the moon to welcome our little man into our family. Join the celebration.”
  5. “It’s a boy! Come celebrate and welcome our baby boy.”
  6. “Everything is going to be blue, help us celebrate our baby boy!”
  7. “Our baby boy is coming! You are invited to come with us to celebrate our newest addition.”
  8. “We’re tickled pink to announce there’s a baby girl on the way.”
  9. “A precious baby girl is on her way here!”
  10. “Come and help us shower _____ with our love.”
  11. “We have a little lady on the way!”
  12. “It’s a girl! Come celebrate!”
  13. “We have a baby girl is on the way, so we’re showering mom with gifts for the big day.”
  14. “Join us for a shower to celebrate ____ and her daughter _____.”
  15. “If it’s a boy or a girl, come celebrate with us and shower our special child.”
  16. “We have a little one is on the way.”
  17. “Let’s celebrate the baby on that’s on the way”
  18. “Oh, baby! There’s a special someone coming.”
  19. “Little boy, or little girl? It’s a surprise for everyone! Come join us and celebrate the new addition to our family.”
  20. “help us celebrate our special day. ______’s baby is coming.”
  21. “No matter blue or pink, whatcha think? Come and find out!”
  22. “If it’s a girl or boy? We’ll be filled up with joy.”
  23. “He or she, what will our little baby be?”
  24. “We’ve got a something cooking. Join us at our shower and find out what it is.”
  25. “Is our baby going to be a girl or boy? Come find out our reveal party.”
  26. “Is it time for a bows or bow-ties shower?”
  27. “Let’s shower mom and dad before their big day.”
  28. “Come celebrate the soon to be mom and dad!”
  29. “Join us for a couple’s shower. Everyone is invited and welcome to join us.”
  30. “_____ and _____ have invited you to their baby shower.”

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