Wedding Ring Alternatives
Written by Craig B

Wedding Ring Alternatives



Although a wedding band is traditional and classic, more people are looking for alternatives to make their statement about their live for their soon to be wedded partner. Read on to learn about some of those ideas people are adopting as they enter matrimony.

Silicone Bands

Although he has a traditional wedding band, Prince Harry has been seen with one of these and they are great options for a person who works with their hands or in an industrialized setting as the damage a traditional ring can do to your fingers should there be an accident can be very severe. Silicone bands are also popular with athletes. Another advantage is they are not flashy or pretentious looking and the silicone is of course flexible. They are also very affordable and can be worn by any gender.

Puzzle Bands

Inspired by traditional Chinese puzzle boxes, puzzle rings have become highly fashionable as they can be designed to not only match engagement rings but also have a deeper meaning to the individuals wearing them. They come in pairs and form a single ring when they are joined. The idea being you will always have a piece of each other, wherever you go!

Wedding Certificate Frames

It is not uncommon for couples to lose their wedding certificates so why not pick out a beautiful frame to display your wedding certificate in a prominent place in your home to remind you of your very special day and the lifelong commitment you have to each other?


A tattoo can be an excellent way to not only express your own individualism and creativity, but a skilled artist can help you with a beautiful and unique design. There are boundless options to having artwork added to your body, but many people feel a simple ring tattoo on the ring finger is a wonderful way to celebrate their marriage.


Not everyone likes rings, but many people love necklaces. And a necklace, perhaps adorned with a symbol representing eternity or forever love can be an ideal way to celebrate a marriage. You could opt for having your necklace engraved to give it even more personal meaning. Necklaces are also more comfortable for many people to wear than wedding rings.

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