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Wedding Invitation Wording For Friends

If you are looking for wedding invitation wording for friends – here are some great ideas! Shop Signatures also offer the best custom wedding invitation designs in Phoenix

  1. …have chosen the first day of their brand new life together. You are invited to share their joy when they exchange marriage vows.
  2. …invite you to be part of a day of happiness as they commence a life of love.
  3. …together with their parents invite you to share their celebration of love.
  4. …invite you to share their joy as they start their new life together when they exchange vows of marriage.
  5. …invite you to the ceremony uniting them in marriage.
  6. …request the honor of your presence on the occasion of their marriage.
  7. A day of happy blessings when we pledge our love as one.
  8. A life of caring, sharing, a love of eternal giving together in the spirit of Christian Joy. We, together with our parents invite you to share the joys of our marriage ceremony.
  9. …request the honor of your presence at the marriage of our daughter.
  10. …request the honor of your presence at the marriage of our son.
  11. …request the honor of your presence at the marriage of our children.
  12. …invite you to attend the wedding ceremony of their daughter.
  13. With the most sincere joy and strong desire to give our love its fullest expression, we will be joined in marriage.
  14. We invite you to join us on the occasion of our marriage to celebrate with us.
  15. We invite you as we commence our new life together.
  16. …invite you to share the joy and happiness of our marriage ceremony.
  17. …ask you to share in our marriage ceremony.
  18. We invite you to join us as we start our new life.
  19. …request the honor of your company ay their marriage.
  20. …invite to share in their marriage, a celebration of life.
  21. With joyful hearts, we request your attendance at our marriage.
  22. To everything there is a season, a purpose and a time – we invite you to share our day of happy beginnings.
  23. We are confident that the future will hold for us an ever growing love.
    Please join us!
  24. Please join us as we merge two lives into one of man and wife.
  25. Please join us as we celebrate our wedding day with heartfelt joy.
  26. Two hearts, two lives twined together by friendship united together by love.
  27. This day our hearts are joined as one, share with us our new life together.
  28. A single love to share, a dream come true, the day we vow to say: “I do.”
  29. Share this special day with us and our families as we exchange vows.
  30. Before us is the open road, filled with love and adventure.
  31. His love is the sunshine that keeps me warn – To me she’s the rainbow after the storm.
  32. Boy meets Girl. For the rest of the story join us on…
  33. As the flower blooms and petals unfold. we’re soon to say to have and to hold!
  34. Isn’t love grand? Please join us as we stand – to say “I do!”
  35. The weather outside is frightful but our wedding is delightful!
  36. A friendship shared by two has blossomed into love so true.

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