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How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

On average, wedding invitations cost $525. Wedding invitation costs range from $400 to $650 for most couples according to Shutter Fly. However, wedding invitation packages are largely customizable and the costs can vary. While a simple wedding invitation package may only cost $350, more detailed wedding invitations could run as high as $10,000.

Several different factors can change the price drastically. These include the wedding theme or design, the amount of invited guests and the sourcing of materials are the biggest factors that will determine the total cost of your price tag. Below we break down the costs to enable you to work out exactly what your dream wedding invites will look like.

However, the price of wedding invitations can range anywhere from $750 – $3,300 according to Bridal Guide.

Types Of Paper

Most people just do not realize there are a huge variety of paper options out there suitable for use as wedding invitations. Whether you are looking for the classical glassine-overlay or color-popping invites for your springtime wedding, we’ve got it all!

  • Vellum: This material is great for layering as it is see through and typically it is priced at $17 for 100 sheets
  • Recycled Paper: For the same reasons handmade paper is popular and the fact it is made from recycling plants and materials means its demand keeps getting greater.
  • Parchment: The most affordable option at $15, this standard can be layered very easily with vellum.
  • Matte: This choice has the benefit of both being affordable but also keeping a crisp and clean look. It is very a frequently used standard for online brands.
  • Linen: This is a very affordable option for those who are not wanting to sacrifice top-notch quality for cost. Usually priced at $17 for 100 sheets.
  • Handmade Paper: This environmentally friendly option is trending especially with the younger crowd and it does not cost a fortune at $20 per $100 sheets.
  • Glossy: It is of similar quality to matte but with greater shine. It is also a popular option because of its very affordable price.
  • Glassine: This paper has a more waxy look but is otherwise a very similar option to vellum paper.
  • Felt Cardstock: This paper has a thicker style and is a little more expensive than standard card material at $22 for 100 sheets.
  • Cotton Fiber: The big advantage of this paper is it comes with the capability of being able to customize it utilizing a letterpress. Because of this cotton fiber is on the dearer side at $29 for 100 sheets.

Elements Of Design

This is the part that gives your cards that individualized and personal look They also let your guests know whether your wedding will be simple and elegant or an all-out party for the decades!

  • Photography: If you have an engagement shot that you really want to share with your guests, digital technology means it is now affordable to print photos on wedding invitations. What a fantastic way to show the world you are a happy couple!
  • Letter Pressed: A letterpress will undoubtedly run up the costs of your overall design options but it is a beautiful way to give your invitations a truly classic look.
  • Glitter: If you want to make your invitations sparkle, just add glitter! It will typically be an additional 10 percent to your total card cost.
  • Foil Stamped: If you want your invitations to shine, foil stamps are just the ticket! You can add definition to your card as stamps are available in many different colors and typically they only add a minimal cost.
  • Engraved Design: The addition of engraved lettering or designs into your wedding invitations do come with a price tag. However, many think it is worth it as they really make the invitations stand out so it is a great option for those with a more roomy budget.
  • Color: Adding color adds flair and fun to your wedding invitation. You can also use it to highlight key parts of your wedding theme to your guests right from the outset. Depending on the pallette chosen, colors can be free or add hundreds of dollars to your final cost.
  • Calligraphy: Hiring a calligrapher to custom design the lettering on he invites lends a truly personal look. Often it is part of a greater package with a much higher complete price – some will even run into thousands of dollars. However, hiring a calligrapher to add a custom element to your cards will in general terms cost between $100-$300.

Envelope Costs

For those couples who are buying their invites online the good news is envelopes are usually included in the card stock price! There may even be envelope customization options! A few additional services like free address printing will even help you manage the workload of addressing the invitation letters and then mailing them out.

Should you choose to purchase envelopes separately, you are going to be looking at spending an additional $15-$30 per 100 envelopes. Oh and be sure to double check the size of your cards before you place an order for envelopes!

Optional Extras

Did you always want your wedding invitations to be tied with a delicate bow? Do you love the look of an inner envelope, a wax seal, belly band or customized stamp? These additions are smaller in cost and can really make your invitations stand out. Usually materials cost typically no more than $.20 more per card at the post office in additional fees.

Consider additions like RSVP cards, itineraries, directions and information for your reception you may want your guests to have. Although they do not seem like big items, the greater the weight of your envelope the more it will cost in postage.

Shipping Costs

For an envelope just below one ounce, the average wedding postage costs around $0.49. Meaning for every 100 cards you send out, you will be spending around $50. And that is just for postage within the USA. You can expect to pay considerably more if the envelopes are going overseas or if your invites are more than just a single ounce.

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