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Wood Vs. Plastic Cutting Boards

If you are searching for “wood vs plastic cutting boards“, this article will go over the pros and cons of both materials.

Wood Cutting Board Pros

Homeowners will love wood cutting boards for their look, but there are many more reasons to choose wood boards for your kitchen.


A well made wooden cutting board should be able to last for a very long time. Even when the surface becomes damaged with scratches, the board can still be salvaged. It is pretty rare for artificial materials to be this forgiving.


It’s perfectly normal to wonder if wood is unsanitary since it is porous and absorbs liquids. Yet, recent studies have found that wood is actually able to absorb, trap and kill bacteria. One study even found that bacteria could be killed just 3-10 minutes after any sort of contamination. Greasy substances such as chicken fat can remain on the surface, but washing the board efficiently with warm water and soap can rid the area of bacteria.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s no getting around the fact that these boards look beautiful in the kitchen. This is maybe not the most important characteristic to look for in a board, but it is certainly valued by many homeowners. Everyone wants to enjoy their kitchen areas so this is an added benefit of wooden boards.

Gentle On Knives

Wooden boards constructed of walnut or maple are extremely easy to cut on, in addition to being gentle on the blade. Bamboo and plastic are much tougher materials to cut on. Maple and walnut are still considered hardwoods, meaning they are just as durable as other materials.

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Wood Cutting Board Cons

There is only one true disadvantage associated with wood cutting boards.


Seemingly the only drawback to wooden boards is the general upkeep that will be needed. Wood needs to be cared for because it’s an organic material. To prevent cracking, the board should be conditioned with food-grade mineral oil. Your best bet is to purchase a board that has been made by a quality source. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for!

Using A Wood Cutting Board

Plastic Cutting Board Pros

We know about the benefits of wood, but what about the advantages of plastic cutting boards? Let’s take a look!


This is one of the biggest reasons why plastic cutting boards are so popular. They are relatively inexpensive.

Easy To Clean

Most plastic cutting boards can handle the high-heat cycle of a dishwasher. This makes any sort of cleanup a breeze. Even though wood is considered the safer material when it comes to cleaning bacteria, most plastic boards are effectively cleaned in the dishwasher.


Plastic is such a tough material that it doesn’t have to be nearly as thick as wood boards. 2-3 plastic boards will typically take up as much space as a single wood board. This means that these boards are not only lightweight, they are space efficient, as well.

Plastic Cutting Board Cons

Plastic boards are inexpensive and easy to clean, so what are the drawbacks?

Can Damage Knives

Plastic will undoubtedly cause more harm to your knives than wood boards. It is nearly impossible to find a plastic board that is durable without potentially causing harm to knife blades.

Dinged Up Easily

Knives can cause an equal amount of damage to plastic boards, as well. Plastic may grow irreversibly damaged and scratched by knives. These newly created slits can now house harmful bacteria.


Hopefully, this list of pros and cons will make your choice between the two cutting boards easier. If you are looking for a cheaper and easier to maintain board, opt for plastic. If it is truly quality that you are seeking, though, wood cutting boards are the way to go.

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